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This is a HUGE wallpaper search engine site. You can search anything you want, and you'll almost always find the image you want. 
It is easy to run this automated site. No management required. The website basically works like google search engine but it only fetch high quality images.
This website is ready to advertise. No google adsense account needed! I will review the ad network to successful bidder.
How do you get Paid?
Webmaster will need to advertise the site to get paid. Don't worry if you don't have an adsense account, you don't need them. But if you do have an adsense account, that will be the best advertising network! Just in case you don't... we will recommend the alternatives.
Earn Money with Media or Propellar Ads Pay Per Click Advertising
The Average Clicks Paid by their Program based on country traffic:
US $0.92
United Kingdom $0.82
Germany $0.93
Assume your visitors are mainly from US/UK/EU, your average CPM is $0.89. 
If your Clickthrough rate a month is...
100, you are earning $89
200, you are earning $178
400, you are earning $356
800, you are earning $712
1000, you are earning $890
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