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Broadband Speed Test Script  - 
We are offering the broadband speed test script for Just 9 USD . This very simple but Power full Script . It allows you to do a network speed test against your internet server. The script is server platform independent and can check many server types (like Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty etc.) as long as the server supports POST and GET commands.
Based on the download speed, this jQuery plugin can also compute a reference internet cost that the user should pay for.
The graphical user interface has localization support and its design is highly customizable by using CSS themes and plugin options.
The ultimate fully customizable Speed Test application for your website. Easy to install and ready in a few minutes. Measures bandwidth up to Gb/s. Test statistics database, advanced VoIP test and much more are available. 
Upload and download bandwidth tests
Fancy Speed Test Design
Interactive user experience
Easy customizable
Customizable look
ping time measurement;
download speed test;
upload speed test;
multiple server type support (Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty etc.);
cross-browser support;
jQuery powered;
Your custom logo - upload your image
Latency test - also called ping-test
VoIP test - UDP jitter and packet loss test
ISP presentation - name of ISP based on IP address
Multi server - many servers load balancing
Statistics management - view test results
Result sharing - direct (image) or social networks
Advertisement - custom content after the test
Advanced graphics - sophisticated graphics from the Gallery 
Cloud Servers Infrastructure - access to our servers infrastructure

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