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Who We Are

We are into the market for 15 years experienced software consultant started our milestone with 3 members team of design consultant in the year of 2003.Based on our target achievement slightly moved to the digital consultant in 2006 and the greatest achievement is fully focused on complex website design and development with 9 members team.

Successful Milestones

Exclusive script is a legal entity with a association of people started with the 10000 dollars. We got up with the huge achievements and some different business strategy based on your successful story within 3 years we raised fund from Switzerland ventures of about half million dollars. The turning point of our concern financial status invested on building the new product and infrastructure of our concern this fund gave us a confident for our team members to build a creative demand product for our market.

What we are looking

As per your status we have more 200k Clients and more than 340 ready-made products. We would like to inform that we have created a huge demand for your market. In our developing stage we would like to sell our product but within 3 months of period more than 20k software firm started to sell their product in your platform. As per our research we have a huge market value as about 2 billon. Our teams believe that within a year we achieve a market value of about 300 to 500 million. We warm welcomes to the investors who are likely to invest on your concern are kindly share your profile. Holding to reach the next level of funding for your company we expect couple of investors within 6 months of period. As per your industry we would like to have 2 to 5 millions of dollars to enhance our business for brand promotion and marketing strategy. Kindly have a look into our website to gather more information about our market place.

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Thalerstrasse 19, CH-9424 Rheineck, Switzerland.
Ph: +41.41.612.1288
Fax: +41.41.612.1287

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