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PHP Scripts - Kickstarter Clone Script

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Kickstarter Clone Script

With the emergence of peer-to-peer lending fundraising business financing has been experiencing major changes across the globe. Dexterity solution now embeds this lucrative business model into its Crowdfunding platform. This lending and borrowing script makes a perfect online platform for connecting lenders and borrowers.

Needs of Kickstarter Clone Script

Creating a visible presence in the ever-growing fundraising industry can be achieved by the up and coming entrepreneur by using newly cloned script trends. To be successful, with a Kickstarter business, numerous web development companies like Dexterity solution are coming up with amazing Kickstarter clone scripts. Ours ultimately furnishes the world of entrepreneurs with an exacting Kickstarter like website within a few days.

Why we developed this Software?

We performed intensive research in the crowdfunding industry and formulated an interesting Kickstarter clone script for the online world. This script has directly led one into the world of highly competitive online platform for pledge fundraising. It also assists entrepreneurs to readily enter this industry with a niche-specific fundraising site. This offers tremendous amenities to scale up in this industry.

Success trends of Kickstarter Clone Script

For a decade, we have heard about successful facts derived from the world of pledge based fundraising businesses. But, did you know, its still in a growing stage. This business produces benefits for all, namely fundraisers, backers and entrepreneurs. This provokes many business people to make use of our platform to meet their specific needs.

Features beyond its original

Our aim was to make the running of an efficient pledge or reward based fundraising business very simple.Dexterity solution does this by incorporating exciting features into our design. Crafted to perform beyond your expectation. Inspired by the famous Kickstarter clone websites akin to,,, and

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