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PHP Scripts - Entrepreneur Car Classified Script

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Entrepreneur Car Classified Script

A highly customizable open source and user friendly, car dealer script allows you to manage your vehicle inventories. Car Dealer Script is an absolute one for car dealerships or car classified websites. It provides with dealers and site owners with an Admin Panel that gives you full control over the content and car listings. Our Car Portal php script is user friendly and fully functional and easy to use. We are sure that our car portal website script will be helpful for car dealer or automobile constructor. This is the best choice to starting an Entrepreneur car portal script website helps you to generate more revenue from our car dealer script.

car portal website script is also considered as Php classified ads listing software solution that is planned for broker, agents and autos owner to promote their services and products. If you are one of dealers, car and rent trader who offer and sell rent cars for a living or if you want to start selling your vehicles on online, we will offer you with our ads listings Script with multi-language. Our software solution has the ability to use language text file that can be easily and quickly translated to any language. If you've been searching car classifieds script spontaneously that will help you to manage your car inventory much easier and earn more money through paid listings, you have better to take closer look to our car dealer script.

You can add, edit and delete car listings on your website, or let car dealers and vendors to submit and manage their own car inventory. It has multiple languages, can add various languages to your dealer site, admins can edit languages, change text buttons, titles etc.., optimize your site that search engine is using SEO- friendly URLs and add meta tags for car listing pages. Car Dealer Script can register on your car dealer website and they can edit their profile information and add car listings on your website. Search & compare our website visitors can easily find out what they are looking for thanks to the multi-criteria search, the sorting options and a comparison table.

Multiple payment lists, it is followed in admin panel, you can charge different prices based on the features of the ads. This has included the number of images, characters, number of days until the listing will expire and featured ad. You can multiple sets; it is useful if you want to add for example car & motorcycles in the same type. You can edit different list and makes the models for each car. You can keep an ad inactive after post it and manually activate an ad after checking it. Banner ad supports image banners and code banners.

Advanced features:

  1. Search option:
    1. Car model.
    2. Make.
    3. Price.
    4. Mileage.
    5. YOR.
  2. Car listing management:
    1. Car gallery.
    2. Car specification.
    3. Owner contact detail.
    4. Enquiry form.
    5. Social sharing.
  3. Dealers’ management.
    1. View profile.
    2. Contact detail.
  4. Product management:
    1. View gallery.
    2. Product description.
    3. Product review.
    4. Add to cart.
  5. Cart management:
    1. Update cart.
    2. Apply coupon.
    3. Checkout.
    4. Billing details.
    5. Payment details.
    6. Order confirmation.
  6. Cart management:
    1. Update cart.
    2. Apply coupon.
    3. Checkout.
    4. Billing details.
    5. Payment details.
    6. Order confirmation.
  7. Category management.
  8. Add product/service.
  9. Merchant directory.
  10. Promotion management.
  11. Car listing management.
  12. CMS management.
  13. Detailed dashboard.
  14. Responsive design.
  15. Dynamic contact form
  16. User friendly general settings.
  17. Cache features
    1. High speed download.
    2. Optimized CSS features.
    3. Browser cache management.
  18. SEO features
    1. Title & meta format update through admin.
    2. 404 page notification.
    3. 301 reductions.
    4. Social media link updation.

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