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PHP Scripts - Freelancer Clone Script

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Freelancer Clone Script

Discover a competitive freelancing bidding site with the assistance of the Freelancer clone script from Dexterity solution. We endowed the freelancing website with phenomenal facilities for the effective functioning of the freelance bidding process.

Needs of Freelancer Clone Script

Lately the business world is witnessing the growth of freelancing business concept in numerous industries. This growth ensures a sustained international new job market platform. Entrepreneurs can win over this business economy with the help of a clone script. Dexterity solution brings out an outstanding freelancer clone which helps in creating a flawless freelancing site like upwork.

Why we developed this Software?

Dexterity solution always strives to look for innovative ideas, we effectively nurture success from it. By thoroughly determining the excellent market scope and the beneficial aspects of the freelancing industry, Dexterity solution formulated an exceptional freelancer product called Getlancer bidding. This upwork clone script extracts the profitable core of this industry and delivers the best results to you.

Success trends of Freelancer Clone Script

Recent stats on the freelancers’ market trend state that, collectively 57% of the major jobs have been compiled by freelancing throughout the world, rather than using a traditional methods to complete these jobs. 79% of overall projects are accomplished successfully. If we have a region wise look-up, the freelancer career numbers are also immense. It has caused over crowdfunding with other freelancer players, but Dexterity solution has found a way through.

Features beyond its original

Giving the best bet immediate solution is the Dexterity solution's ultimate aim whenever we develop a freelancer clone script for any business model. It is no accident that we have evolved this upwork clone script with so many exclusive features. We rationally integrate the best features from several successful freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Odesk, Elance, Guru, and Peopleperhour etc. Nowhere else you can find a upwork ready-made script with this many beneficial features.


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