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Mobile - Multiple Restaurant Booking Android Application

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Multiple Restaurant Booking Android Application


  • In the home page, list of hotels will be displayed.
  • By clicking this any of hotel, then the list of category will be displayed.
  • In each hotel, there is an option for “Reservation” to make advance reservation in the hotel.
  • In the bottom of the home page there is a floating action button for search by using of key words.
  • In the home page there is an navigation menu which contains the follows:
    • Home
    • Search by keyword
    • Push notification setting
    • Profile
    • About app
    • Transaction History
    • My Favourite Items
    • My Reservations
    • Logout

Food Items View:

  • By clicking any of categories, user can view the list of food items in the grid view format.
  • Its shows the food item’s name, image, number of likes and reviews for that food item..
  • By clicking the food item, user can view the full description of the item.
  • There is an option to sort the list items at the top right corner of the page. 

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